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Japanese food has always been influenced by other cultures in the process of forming a distinctive food culture. It was China in ancient times and western food has been incorporated since 160 years ago, the end of the Edo period. Our comport food Teishoku too has been evolving into what we know today by adopting various different influences.

Here, we look into the roots of Teishoku while we trace back the history of Japanese food culture.



After opening the country to the west in 1800s and overcoming the food shortage during and after the World War II, Japan has evolved its food culture by incorporating various foreign influences. Tracing back the history of Japanese food, we realize Japanese people had been flexibly adapting to the changes. Despite all these changes, having rice as the center of meal is something we have been passed down till today. Such tradition and solid framework makes us being flexible in food and Teishoku is what the tradition has evolved into.