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Japans food culture archive

The contemporary Japanese diet is a fusion of two cultures. A beautiful food culture that has been cultivated for over 1000 years with a fine and particular sensitivity, and a creative food culture that has always found a way to incorporate foreign foods. Our archive introduces the beauty of such Japanese food culture from a variety of perspectives.

Rice Library

Rice is enjoyed all over the world, and Japan is just one of the countries that cultivates rice as its staple food.
Rice cultivation has been passed down since the Yayoi period.
This agricultural tradition not only connects the lives of people through food but also has supported the development of the rich culture of Japan,serving as the basis of politics, the economy, and religion.
Here, we introduce the history of rice in Japan and its modern rice cultivation practices, as well as facts about rice from around the world.

Bento Library

Bento is a portable meal packed with great detail given to presentation.
It is a representation of the care and passion of those who make it.
Bento has become popular, not only in Japan, but also overseas.
Bento Library introduces the beauty of Bento,
one of the highlights of Japanese food culture.

Teishoku Library

Teishoku Library

Teishoku is a standard meal serving style Japanese people eat day to day. It exhibits a number of the attractions of Japanese food culture. Teishoku Library introduces the beauty of Teishoku.