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Contemporary Teishoku Contemporary Teishoku

Here, we introduce popular Teishoku of our time.

Keeping the basic style of rice, soup and side dishes, the menu of side dishes has come to be of great variety, both eastern and western styles.

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Japanese food culture co-exists with nature. Two third of Japanese land, which is 3,000 km in length, is mountains and Japan is an island surrounded by four currents.

Japanese people have learnt to appreciate and enjoy the seasonal fruit of the mountains and the sea. In order to enjoy Japanese born Teishoku more, here, we look into Japanese distinctive food culture a little deeper.

Japanese food is about appreciating natural bounty provided by four seasons and other Japan's distinctive geological trait. Dishes embody transient moment of each season by incorporating seasonal ingredients.

Every ingredient has the state of first, in season and remnant.

Appreciating a sense of four seasons through ingredients is an important characteristic of Japanese food culture and Teishoku inherits the sensitive spirit.

Since Japanese food is about appreciating natural bounty, people have respected and fostered a sense of gratitude toward nature. We say "Itadaki-masu (we receive)" before eating and "Gochiso-sama-deshita (thank you for the meal you prepared)" after finishing one's meal. Both phrases embody Japanese people's sense of gratitude toward food.

"Itadaki-masu" and "Gochiso-sama" are directed not only to those who cooked the food but also to those who farmed the vegetables as well as the lives of animals themselves. Appreciating every aspect involved in the food in sight is a spirit of Japanese food.

People say "you are what you eat". Being aware of what you eat and how you eat it makes one's life more colorful.We should also enjoy our food visually, while being grateful for great nature. Teishoku brings all the vital aspects on our table and we hope to hear more "Itadaki-masu" and "Gochiso-sama" through out the world.